About Goodfel
Goodfel is a popular social media networking platform. Just register on our platform and make new friends share your moments with them. Also, share what's new to you and your every moments with your new friends and family around the world.


We are a social media company. Goodfel.com is a popular social media networking platform in Bangladesh. Share what's new to you and your life moments with your friends and family around the world.

By using Goodfel:

* Share your life moments on your timeline.
* Add new people and make them your friends.
* Make new friends and spend your time with them in Goodfel.
* Create new stories and show that to your Goodfel friends.
* Make a group with your friends and enjoy yourself.
* Share posts, photos, videos, and your life moments.
* Get reactions, comments on your posts by your Goodfel friends.
* Find your nearby people easily.
* Watch new videos and enjoy your moments.
* Make your life and yourself easy with the Goodfel social network.

Also, by using Goodfel find your favorite celebrities, brands, popular news media, artists, sports, etc. Follow their timeline or Page to get an update.

Use Goodfel because free from obscenity, there is no opportunity to spread rumors against the society and the country and there is no obstacle to tell the truth.

And we are always working and thinking about updating the Goodfel social network as best. If you need any kind of support or service then contact us by visiting our website. Our support team is always ready to support you.