The role of B2B Marketplaces in Global Trade

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A B2B business implies on services rendered by Business to Business . It is an e-commerce platform that serves entities/businesses; a wholesaler, retailer, distributor, etc. There is no physical meeting from describing the product to making the deal or providing the services, hence it is a


This is a great option that has led trade and business become much more flexible for everyone. Moreover, small scale businesses can also serve large entities because the business is done online. Let's have a look at how this B2B business play a role in the Global Trade.

Effects on Global Trade

Global Trade is the global online marketplace for buyers and sellers. The B2B marketplace has created a vast impact on the Global industry with the Trade. There are several ways how it has affected the trade all around the world.

  • Lower initial cost with higher revenues

Considering the B2B marketplace, starting a business is easy. As the business is e-commerce, the initial cost is much lower than a physical business. Not only the initial cost, but marketing and sales campaign costs have been saved. Minimum labour costs and the other material cost too which has had an impact on the global trade. This leads to an increase in the overall revenue.

The overall cost to indulge in large scale global trade has been minimised with more of the businesses entering through this way.

CHICATCHI has developed a web app with no investors, no financial debt, or any other means of heavy payments.

See, how easy it has been for a B2B to locate in the Global trade.

  • Small and Medium Enterprises are welcomed

This time it’s ‘no big worry' to enter in the global trade market with low investments. Technological advancement has taken over the world. The portals and online platforms have ease the process of connecting buyers and sellers together. SME’s can promote their business worldwide and market online according to the targeted audience.

Just know the cultural or regional standards of your target market and put up your products on the marketplace. Your work is done and your products are marketed all around the world in the most simplest manner.

  • Overcoming Geographical barriers

Gone were the days when geographical barrier was a problem in trade. The problem persists in physical trade ; however, B2B businesses with online websites and platforms has overcome this barrier with in a few clicks.

Locating your products in different art of the world is easy. Market your products online and reach to your desired audience. Enter the Global trade market and create competition for the buyers and sellers.

You can sell or buy things from any part of the world with no great hassle. CJICHATCHI has developed a powerful platform of online selling ; offering services all around the Globe. Multiple products have been listed under different categories that can be accessed by customers all around the world.

  • Variety and Availability

There are certain products that a country is not able to produce; thus, B2B marketplaces have solved the problem by providing the goods through online platforms like CHICATCHI. Order any of your favourite apparel or electronics that may be are not available at your side. Moreover, customers have a variety to chose from. Customers love variety. B2B marketplace have created a variety of options for the consumers to opt from.

This has an impact on the Global Trade as imports and exports have increased with online buying and selling of goods and services.

  • Employment opportunities

Yes. International trade raises the demand for particular goods that are made in the local markets. The demand for those products increase and lead to a higher number of people employed. The more the employment  opportunities increase, the better the economy is with people being independent.

B2B marketplace has lowered the dependency rate amongst people by starting up with their own online businesses; even with low capitals. The market is huge as they have access to the global market. Trade between different countries is appreciated and increases the global trade to a new level.


Concluding, both buyers and sellers have been benefitted by the B2B marketplaces with a variety of option for the buyers, while the sellers with access to the global market.

 There are more positive impact on the Global Trade of the B2B marketplaces by encouraging SME's to start aiming more, filling in the gap for large and small businesses with online platforms. If you are planning to run a B2B entity, this is your time to make a name in the Global market.

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